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RW Design is a renowned team of architectural designers based in North Canterbury.
Led by Robin White and Rachel Horan, they are well-recognised and award-winning for their project work throughout the Canterbury region.

Beyond pretty pictures and looking to appeal to an increasingly digital savvy clientele, they got together with us to deliver a content-rich solution.

The brief

Illustrate expertise in both commerical and residential work, but also allow for the ability to focus on smaller alteration based projects.

As expected in an architectural site- showcase the work through imagery. But unlike peers' web prescences- provide meaningful and helpful content for visitors.


With complete end-to-end code capability here at Pixlbox we cleverly created a hybrid framework/form-based CMS backend to enable RW Design to manage all aspects of the site...

Umbraco CMS serves as the client's primary admin interface for adding articles and managing most of the site's editorial style content.

For the project gallery it was clear that a more structured content admin would be required so we completed this aspect building out our own custom micro-CMS.


Much like our technical delivery, the design approach was also hybrid. We wanted to present a clean, modern visual theme but balanced with an editorial style- a magazine vibe.

Using stunning project photography and clean lines for the modern feel, we used typography to emulate the easy reading style of print, evening the theme out.

Project specs

Live date: 2018. Status: Active

Tech Stack

  • Microsoft Azure Hosting / SSL
  • MS SQL Server and Database
  • Microsoft .NET (Core)
  • Umbraco CMS
  • Google Analytics
  • Html5 / CSS3
  • Custom Javascript


  • Design, Responsive UI
  • Custom case study based database and CMS admin
  • Blog/News content editing via Umbraco CMS

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