The big agency cred without the big agency crud.

Pixlbox was borne out of a shared desire to work as a lean team- sharing skills from both ends of the digital spectrum to provide a depth of offering that is usually reserved for larger agencies.

Although we're a young company- formed in 2016, our founders had been working together for years in their prior roles as freelance contractors to agencies.

Before this both Carlin and Vaughan operated successful digital businesses- Carlin with RedWeb in Christchurch, Vaughan with Mr Smith IT in Auckland. Coming together remotely through a mutual connection, they clicked and once both returned to Christchurch it was a no-brainer to start a new gig together.

Their experience- both before and now with Pixlbox, sees Carlin and Vaughan share a wider management role guiding projects and nurturing client relationships. All while continuing to grow and learn within their respective disciplines.

Read on below.

Carlin Archer

Developer & Director

Carlin has a depth of software development skills stretching back to the early days of web development. He takes a best practices approach to his coding and focuses on building robust and clean code that is reliable and easy to maintain.

Ensuring the technical design/specifications of a digital project are sound is as important as writing code. Carlin has the ability to create solid blueprints as a foundation for building robust software. This ensures everyone is on the same page before development commences.

Carlin's development skillset is based on the now open-source Microsoft .NET platform, using the popular C# programming language coupled with a strong knowledge of Javascript and transactional SQL server database scripting.

In his spare time, he's busy learning to build highly interactive experiences using the Unity 3D physics / game engine.

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Vaughan Thompson

Designer & Director

Vaughan is a self-taught designer and front-end coder. Beginning with a keen interest in how websites were built in the late 90s, he published his first site- a popular online directory of New Zealand personal webpages running from 1996 until 1998.

This early experience of designing a solution for a perceived need that was his first foray into User Experience design. As the internet matured into a more visual medium Vaughan's focus turned to the more visual aspect of user interface (webdesign), whilst still maintaining his coding abilities.

Fast forward and after extended stints as digital lead within boutique ad agencies, his skill in design leaked back into the traditional ad world with a number of brand and creative briefs coming his way.

Today it's a perfect fit for Vaughan within Pixlbox.
Lean, agile digital with healthy dose of creative freedom.

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