A Custom Ecommerce Solution

Taylored to the needs of YOUR business

Why use Pixlbox for your e-commerce solution?

We understand e-commerce

We have a deep understanding of the latest ecommerce trends and technologies, and we are well-versed in the specific needs and challenges of companies in wide range of industries. We understand that a successful ecommerce solution needs to be not only functional but also visually appealing and user-friendly.

Our small but qualified team is well-equipped to design and develop ecommerce solutions that are both effective and visually appealing. We have a keen eye for design, and we understand the importance of creating an online store that is not only easy to navigate but also reflects the unique personality and branding of your company.

We use the latest technologies and design principles to create visually stunning and responsive ecommerce websites that are optimized for conversion. We also use best practices such as SEO, user experience (UX) and analytics to ensure that your ecommerce store is well-positioned to perform well in search engine rankings and deliver a great user experience.

We deliver results

In addition to our technical expertise, our team is also experienced in project management and client communication, which ensures that your ecommerce project will be completed on time and on budget. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and goals, and we are dedicated to delivering an ecommerce solution that exceeds their expectations.

Cost effective / Return on Investment

We understand that for small and medium-sized businesses, the cost of implementing an ecommerce solution can be a major concern. That's why we offer a cost-effective ecommerce solution that delivers high-quality results. Our solution is designed to provide a great return on investment, and it is tailored to meet the specific needs and budget of your company.

Ongoing Support

We also provide ongoing support and maintenance, to ensure that your ecommerce platform is always up-to-date and secure. We understand that an ecommerce platform is a long-term investment, and we are committed to providing our clients with a reliable and cost-effective solution that will help them to achieve their business goals. With our ecommerce solution, you can focus on growing your business while we take care of the technical aspects.

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Why use a custom e-commerce solution?

Here are some advantages of using a custom e-commerce system over using a pre-built solution like Shopify:

  1. Security: With a custom built e-commerce system, you can implement robust security measures that are specific to your business, which can help to protect sensitive customer information.
  2. Customizability: A custom built e-commerce system allows for greater flexibility in terms of design and functionality. You can tailor the system to your specific business needs and requirements, which can give you a competitive edge.
  3. Scalability: With a custom built e-commerce system, you have more control over the architecture and can easily scale it to accommodate future growth.
  4. Integration: A custom built system can easily integrate with existing systems and tools that your business already uses, such as accounting software, inventory management systems, and more.
  5. Ownership: With a custom built e-commerce system, you will own all the code and data, you will not be dependent on a third-party provider, which can give you more control over the long-term development and maintenance of your e-commerce platform.
  6. Cost efficiency: While the initial cost of building a custom e-commerce system may be higher than using a pre-built solution like Shopify, it can be more cost-efficient in the long run, especially if you have specific needs that are not met by pre-built solutions.

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What we use for our custom e-commerce solution

.NET Core Platform

.NET Core is a free, open-source, cross-platform framework for building modern, cloud-based applications. It is a modular, high-performance, and lightweight framework that is optimized for building web, mobile, desktop, gaming, IoT, AI, and machine learning applications. .NET Core offers many benefits over its predecessor .NET Framework, such as:

  • Cross-platform compatibility: .NET Core can run on Windows, Linux, and macOS, which allows you to target a wide range of platforms with your applications.
  • High performance: .NET Core is designed for high performance and low memory usage, making it a good choice for building scalable and responsive applications.
  • Modularity: .NET Core is designed as a set of modular components, allowing you to choose only the parts of the framework that you need, which can help to reduce the size and memory footprint of your applications.
  • Open-source: .NET Core is open-source, which allows you to access the source code, contribute to the framework, and use it in commercial applications without any licensing fees.
  • Cloud-ready: .NET Core is designed to work seamlessly with cloud-based services and platforms, making it a good choice for building cloud-native applications.
  • Strong community: .NET Core has a large and active community of developers who contribute to the framework and provide support, which makes it easier to find solutions to problems and to learn from other developers.
  • Flexibility: .NET Core allows you to use a wide variety of programming languages, such as C#, F#, and Visual Basic, which makes it a versatile choice for building different types of applications.

Overall, .NET Core is a powerful, flexible, and cross-platform framework that can help you to build modern and high-performance applications for a wide range of platforms and devices.

Microsoft SQL Database Engine

Microsoft SQL Server is a popular and powerful relational database management system (RDBMS) developed by Microsoft. It is designed to handle the storage and retrieval of large amounts of data, and is widely used in enterprise, web, and mobile applications. Some of the benefits of using Microsoft SQL as a database engine include:

  • Scalability: SQL Server is highly scalable, allowing you to easily add resources and storage as your data and user base grows.
  • High availability: SQL Server provides built-in support for high availability, including features such as database mirroring, Always On Availability Groups, and failover clustering, which help to ensure that your data is always available.
  • Security: SQL Server provides a wide range of security features, such as encryption, authentication, and access controls, to help protect your data from unauthorized access.
  • Performance: SQL Server is designed for high performance, with features such as indexing, partitioning, and query optimization, which help to ensure fast and efficient data access.
  • Enterprise-class features: SQL Server provides a wide range of enterprise-class features, such as data warehousing, business intelligence, and reporting, which help to enable advanced data analysis and reporting capabilities.
  • Integration: SQL Server can be easily integrated with other Microsoft products, such as Visual Studio and Azure, which can help to simplify the development and deployment of your applications.
  • Support: SQL Server is supported by a large and active community of developers, as well as by Microsoft, which provides regular updates and security patches, and offers a wide range of resources and tools to help you manage and optimize your database.
Microsoft Azure cloud hosting and app services

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that provides a wide range of services, including cloud hosting and app services. Azure Cloud Hosting allows you to host your websites, web apps, and virtual machines on the Azure platform, providing you with scalable and highly available infrastructure. Azure App Services is a fully managed platform for building and hosting web apps, mobile app backends, RESTful APIs, and more. With Azure App Services, you can easily build and deploy your apps using a variety of programming languages and frameworks, such as .NET, Java, Ruby, Python, and Node.js.

Azure Cloud Hosting and App Services provide many benefits, such as high availability, automatic scaling, and built-in security features. Additionally, Azure provides a wide variety of tools and services for monitoring, diagnostics, and troubleshooting, as well as built-in integration with other Azure services like Azure SQL Database, Azure Cosmos DB, and Azure Storage. With Azure, you can easily deploy, manage, and scale your applications, and focus on delivering business value instead of managing infrastructure.

Visual Studio for Coding

Microsoft Visual Studio is a comprehensive integrated development environment (IDE) that allows developers to create applications for a wide range of platforms, including Windows, web, and mobile. It provides a wide range of features such as code editing, debugging, and testing tools, as well as integration with source control, project management, and other development tools. Visual Studio also supports a wide variety of programming languages including C#, C++, F#, and Visual Basic.

Visual Studio Code is a lightweight, cross-platform code editor that provides similar functionality to Visual Studio, but with a focus on simplicity and ease of use. It has a small footprint, making it ideal for developers who need to work on multiple projects or who need to switch between different languages and platforms frequently. It also offers a wide range of extensions to add additional functionality such as debugging, code completion, and more.

Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code both are popular choices among developers for their powerful debugging tools, IntelliSense code completion, and integration with Git and other source control systems. Additionally, both provide many features for optimizing developer productivity, such as code navigation, refactoring, and real-time error checking.