Brewista. A compact single page site for a chilled out cold brew.

Single page brand site
Content CMS
Mobile responsive design

A seasonal, short term product Brewista was a unique kegged cold brewed coffee, delivered ice cold from a nitro tap.

Along with creating the visual identity we designed and developed a similarly short-term, efficient yet engaging micro website to support it's limited release.

The brief

Design an identity for the brew and build a simple webpage to support it.

Highlight the unique on-tap charcteristic of the beverage and help people find cafes and bars serving it.


The design concept was simple and in fact the light level of content not only suited a long, single page but it also played into the concept of the looooonnng pour of the brew from tap into the glass.

The brand identity itself evolved from the parent company's dark, moody theme but we gave it a minimal, modern twist to gel with the innovative, confident and new characteristics of the drink.


Once the design was coded, we quickly set about adding a lite CMS in the background. As we were tasked with performing incremental updates and map editing we could skip adding a rich content editor and retain a more "expert" level html-only CMS in place.

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