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Profile website & CMS
UI design / Creative

Code9 Asset Protection is a well-known and trusted monitoring company. With a long history of protecting both private and public property they continue to extend their offering beyond alarm system monitoring.

Pixlbox have been working with Code9 for a number of years, in both design and tech- including this example, their website rebuild project.

The brief

Code9 required a site refresh, reflecting their business today, conveying an offering of services beyond the core alarm and fire monitoring products.

The website should affirm the company's reputation of trust, but also demonstrate their future thinking and technical capabilities.


We'd already worked with Code9 on extending the brand palette in print, now it was about applying it to a site which would tell the Code9 story.

Having completing a competitor analysis and armed with our inside knowledge of the Code9 team, we quickly established a design direction for the new site.

Bright, friendly, human.

With an accessible and approachable visual theme wrapped around rich content on their services, their tech and their team, the website stands apart from the legacy reputation held by many other security companies as cold, hard and robotic.

Once again we called upon photographer Deni Archer to provide profile shots and original imagery for the website, highlighting the authentic team based culture of the business.


A quick build with a simple CMS and a super-charged contact form.

A relatively simple corporate profile website, the development cycle was considerably shorter than the design phase.

The area where our ability to customise came to the fore was with a client request in the contact area. Code9 needed their site to receive inbound enquiries across a number of diverse topics, and get them to the right people immediately.

We developed a customer contact "matrix" with contacts redirects automatically and where required to multiple recipients for attention. Additionally we provided an overview dashboard for an admin to oversee all inbound communications.

Project specs

Live date: 2018. Status: Active

Tech Stack

  • Microsoft Azure Hosting / SSL
  • MS SQL Server and Database
  • Microsoft .NET (Core)


  • Contacts admin & CMS
  • Photography & copywriting
  • Design, Responsive UI

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