Matterhorn. Creating a digital tour guide for an iconic destination.

Native app design (UI / UX)

A historic and popular destination, the Zermatt area and the Matterhorn is one of the most recogisable landmarks in the world. Having been car-free since the 70s Zermatt continues their ecological direction with Bonfire AG, specifically created to drive the area's push in digitalisation.

Now, with the recently formed Inside Labs independent startup, Bonfire AG approached them to create a destination content guide and ticketing app for the village and greater Swiss region surrounding the Matterhorn.

Once again, we were pleased to be asked to provide app design for Inside Labs' development team.

The brief

The app must target tourists, specifically aimed at non locals who are unfamiliar with all the area has to offer. As a guide the app should primarily inform, however where possible lead to a lift or train ticket purchase.

A historic and recogisable brand in itself - the 'Zermatt - Matterhorn' identity must be retained and not altered.


The key here was to design as neutrally as possible.

Applying the existing brand palette was non-negotiable. However to minimise it's heavy impact we used the palette together with the older style typeface as headline and sub-head positions in content - offsetting with a modern typeface for body copy and functional placements.

Letting their stunning photography provide the injection of colour the result is an easy to navigate, read and use app.

Project specs

Version: 2018. Status: Active

Tech Stack

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Avocode
  • Figma
  • Icomoon


  • Wireframes and UX rationale
  • Visual Mocks / Dev ready files
  • Assets & Icon Webfont

App links

App Store     Google Play

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