Nutrient Rescue. Developing a partnership from day one.

E-Commerce suite
API integrations
Custom programming

Nutrient Rescue is a plant-based powdered food producer. Experiencing exponential growth they have worked with Pixlbox since their inception.

A development collaboration, we work with Nutrient Rescue's own design resource.

The brief

A purely online business, the online store was THE vehicle for the brand. As such the solution would need to evolve (and grow) as the business evolved.

With a brand agency as stakeholder, we would need to integrate their direction and build upon it.

A small team, the platform would need to be as self-sufficient as practicable.


Our role as Nutrient Rescue's primary development resource sees Pixlbox oversee, build and monitor the online presence of both public facing and administrative functionality.

As a lean, busy start-up, the Nutrient Rescue team also relies upon our technical knowledge to assist with specifcation review and advice on development planning.

Roadmap to now...

  1. 1. Closed BETA launch of the ecommerce system to select customers
  2. 2. Online shop opened for public purchases
  3. 3. Affiliate sales system developed
  4. 4. Custom subscription system launched
  5. 5. Integration with GoSweetSpot to reduce double entry and automate tracking of dispatched orders
  6. ... and a host of ongoing enhancements

Project specs

Live date: 2016. Status: Active

Tech Stack

  • Microsoft Azure Hosting / SSL
  • MS SQL Server and Database
  • Microsoft .NET (Core)
  • SendGrid email system


  • Subscription & auto renew orders
  • GoSweetSpot courier integration
  • MailChimp email campaign integration
  • Fully customisable ecommerce solution

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