Drexels. Keeping menus fresh by cooking up some clever code.

Custom Menu CMS
User interface design
Photography & Copywriting

Drexels is a Christchurch institution, serving american diner style breakfasts for over 30 years.

With a large menu and very high table turnover, we got together to build an online menu system that could be modified instantly to stay up to date.


The brief

Digitise the menus across two daily sittings, breakfast and lunch- providing full editing access via a content management system for easy onsite administration.

Design it to reflect the updated brand and interior design.

Mobile friendly, for people on the move to be able to contact the restaurant easily.


Building out a custom CMS to manage the menus, we split each menu item out into it's own entity. This gave us fine control over categorisation and also a easy directory structure for the client to navigate for editing in the backend.


The content for this site was always going to minimal, with the brief concentrating on the menu and just a little backstory.

So we focussed our attention on capturing the newly reburbished interior and- after their great food, injecting the most important aspect of the restaurant... people.

Thanks to help from photographer Deni Archer, we designed the layout with deep mastheads and fixed positioned imagery to focus attention on the warm vibe that is Saturday morning at Drexels.

Project specs

Live date: 2012, 2018. Status: Active

Tech Stack

  • Microsoft Azure Hosting / SSL
  • MS SQL Server and Database
  • Microsoft .NET (MVC)


  • Design concepts, copywriting & photography
  • Mobile responsive
  • Menu content editing (CMS)
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