Listed. Building a private house sales web app from the ground up.

Listing system & integrations.
Buyer / Seller tools & merchant services
UI design & branding is the brainchild of Ryan Rankin-Hirst. Frustrated with the traditional real estate industry's method of keeping buying and seller apart during the sales process, he got togther with Pixlbox to use technology to manage a more personal, real-time interaction between parties.

An ever evolving project, boasts 1000s of users- all whom have access to an increasing range of helpful tools and services through the website.

The brief

Build a tool to facilitate sellers listing their property for sale, book / host their own open homes and take enquiries from buyers.

Integrate the listings with the likes of TradeMe, merchant services and allow complete self-management of these by sellers.

Create a visual identity for the service, together with theming and logo mark.


Building an entire buyer seller ecosystem from scratch required clear specifications, attention to detail and clear, regular communication with the remote client.

An illustrative example of our extendable development environment, this project evolved from concept to MVP (Minimum Via Product) to an extensive system with additional fuctionality added since going live.

A key concept was providing clear buyers and sellers tools within a single control panel for all logged in users. By having users exist as an single entity within the system, they have the ability to be buyers, sellers or even both at the same time.

Roadmap to now...

  1. 1. Delivered the basic property listings, writing code to validate property details with LINZ (Land Information New Zealand) which confirmed location, ownership and broad listing data.
  2. 2. Additional qualitative fields added for sellers to add details, nearby landmarks and marketing copy.
  3. 3. Provide listings onsite for buyers, adding tech to enable booking appointments, asking questions with sellers and initiating a negotiation.
  4. 4. developed a suite of complementary pay-as-you-go add ons, which our system manages requests for and billing thereof.
  5. 5. Integrations with other property vendors (TradeMe Property) to enable sellers to cast their sales net as wide as possible.


As well as delivering a creative component for the service, we knew we'd have to design for two user experiences. Allowing users coming from different ends of the property sales spectrum to successfully use the website.

The public aspect of the site was designed with key navigation for each type of user. Populating relevant content into each funnel allowed the interface to remain clean and simple. The more complex functionality is located behind a user login and where possible we designed these with clear step-based UX.

Visual identity

We designed a two-colour theme palette based on color theory- green representing growth, new beginnings and calming. Grey as a constrasting tone for modernity and conservative, to convey trust and security.

Combined with a modern, legible typeface we also constructed a minimal, distinctive icon merging the app-icon with a roofline - tech meets property!

Project specs

Live date: 2017. Status: Active

Tech Stack

  • Microsoft Azure Hosting / SSL
  • MS SQL Server and Database
  • Microsoft .NET (Core)
  • Stripe (API)
  • TradeMe Property (API)
  • LINZ (API)
  • Google Maps (API)
  • Google Analytics
  • Custom Javascript


  • Property sales functions and listing management
  • Administration & CMS
  • Secure communications & scheduling
  • Documentation creation
  • API Integrations
  • Merchant services
  • Custom calculators and utilities
  • Design, Responsive UI, Brand Identity

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